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This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect personal information on this website.

(Updated: 13th of March, 2023)

Information Collection

We collect visitors’ IP addresses, locations, and visiting times through Google Analytics. No other personal information is collected.

Information Use and Storage

We use visitors’ IP addresses, locations, and visiting times to analyze website traffic and improve user experience. This information is stored for 90 days on Google’s server.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

We do not use cookies or other tracking technologies on our website.

Third-Party Services

We use both Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel on our website. We do not share personal information with third-party services for advertising or marketing purposes.

User Data Access and Control

As we do not collect personal information, users do not need to access or control their data.

Data Protection

We do not collect personal information that could be subject to unauthorized access or misuse. Therefore, we do not have specific data protection measures in place.

Privacy Policy Changes

This website uses cookies to improve your web experience.